About Us

Our goal is to bring Art to the cannabis world. We bring bold artistic elements from history, inspiration, and creativity to the stash boxes. Each dugout design tells a story. 3D Stashes brought together the best ideas for dugouts and took it to the next level; functional art.

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Our Process

Our process for each 3D Stashes design is inspired by our customers and design team. All of the dugouts are handcrafted in our shop with attention to detail.  We enjoy engaging with our customers about future new exciting ideas. 

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Our History

Our team at 3D Stashes has an extensive background of creativity in a wide variety of materials.  We have been creating large and small projects for clients since 1976.  We thought it would be great to bring our skills to the cannabis industry.  Each uniquely designed 3D Stashes dugout box has the best desirable elements; a sliding stop lid with a decorative hardware top, a heavily detailed scene on each side, and four unique finishes.  For the collector, we created 3D Stashes Series. Let us know your thoughts.  We enjoy hearing from you. Sign up to join the STASH Community

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